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hdm_stamping's Journal

His Dark Materials Stamping Community
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Welcome to hdm_stamping, a community where you can discover not only which His Dark Materials character you are most like, but what form your daemon would take. (If you'd like to promote the community, you can use the above image.)

Rules - General
* Be nice to each other! If you feel somebody has been rude to you then let a mod know rather than retalliate.

Rules - Applying
* Please keep the coding intact on the application, it's nice and easy to read that way and neatly behind a cut.
* Photos are optional. You will be judged on personality rather than appearance, but sometimes photos say can something extra about personality.
* Please make the effort to type properly and use a spellcheck!
* If you aren't happy with who you have been stamped as, you may re-apply as many times as you like but please allow two weeks before re-applications.

Rules - Voting
* You don't have to be stamped in order to vote.
* Please vote both for the character you feel they are most like, and also what type of animal you think their daemon would be. Please bold the names of the character and the animal.
* If you really can't make your mind up, you can vote for two characters or animals.
* It's nice if you can explain why you voted the way you did (especially for the daemon vote), but that's not compulsory.
* Don't worry if there isn't a stamp for the character or animal you think of -- vote for it anyway and I will make more stamps! :]



Ama: shy, compassionate, gentle
Lord Asriel: powerful, defiant, dignified
Mrs Coulter: charming, manipulative, ambitious
Iorek Byrnison: fierce, stalwart, intidimating
John Faa: authorative, responsible, discerning
Lee Scoresby: adventurous, independent, carefree
Lyra Belaqua: passionate, courageous, stubborn
Mary Malone: intelligent, curious, open
Roger Parslow: innocent, playful, childlike
Ruta Skadi: majestic, proud, sensual
Serafina Pekkala: knowing, gentle, self-assured
Will Parry: protective, careful, loyal

The stamp gallery can be found here.

CURENT THEME: What is your daemon?


Listed at stamping_comms.