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regular application

Name: iulia
Age: 23
Location romania
Hobbies: writing, reading, foreign languages and cultures, cinema, drama, art
Likes: horses, shipping, caffeine, warmth (in both nature and spirit), spicy food
Dislikes: needles, birds, stray dogs that look dangerous, fights, violence
Favorite Movies: the gladiator, the last of the mohicans, robin hood, crouching tiger hidden dragon, breakfast at tiffany's, roman holidays, pirates of the caribbeans
Favorite Music: indie, ska, punk, folk, anti-folk, heavy, hard, classic
Favorite Books (other than HDM): asoiaf, hp, lotr, wot, kushiel's, poirot mysteries, jules verne's adventure books, the handmaiden's tale, rebecca
Job/career aspirations: currently enrolled in a european ma in conference interpreting - love it, that's what i want to do, work for the european institutions
Would you like to be stamped a female ,male ,or it doesn't matter?: doesn't matter

What are your strengths? i'm driven, enthusiastic, creative and friendly
What are your weaknesses? obsessiveness, being impulsive bordering reckless, egotistical behaviour, lack of patience
Describe yourself in five words. i am addicted to life
How do you think others see you? quite insane, quirky, not extremely stable emotionally speaking, volatile, but nice, friendly, and loyal
Are you a leader or a follower? a leader thoroughly
Are you more outgoing or shy? outgoing, extremely so
What causes you stress? How do you relax? um, conflict, people not doing it my way, contradictions, arguments - and i don't, i just need to wait for the storm to pass
How do you deal with conflict? badly, i scream, i say bad things, i almost lose my control
When do you feel most comfortable? when i do what i want
Who or what is most important to you? my family and my close friends
What are you good at? interpreting, translationg, speaking foreign languages, writing
What do you wish you were better at? drawing, using art programs on the computer, being a daughter
What do you hope to achieve in your life? balance!

The Books
When did you first read His Dark Materials? um, one or two years ago
What do you like about the books? they grasped me from the very beginning with the novelty of their world and the concepts they were bringing forth
Who if your favourite character? Why? serafina pekkala: mayhap because i've always been attracted to strong but slightly flawed and very emotional female characters
Who is your least favourite character? Why? mrs. coulter: i hate deception and lies
Of all the worlds mentioned in the books, which would you most like to visit? the witches' land, i suppose

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