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I wasn't meant to put something here, was I?

Name:Danielle or Danni.
LocationEngland, Maidenhead (it's in Northern Lights, just before Tony gets Gobbled)
Hobbies:Reading, drawing, writing, sleeping, eating, chatting, singing.
Likes:Books, books, and more books. Cupcakes, sweets, kindness, sympathy, pride, happy endings, romance, love, fantasy, magic, adventure.
Dislikes:Drunks, no self-esteem, prissy people, being shy, girly girls, tall people, loud people, rude people, tiredness, spicy stuff, being bored.
Favorite Movies:Spirited Away, Titanic and other sad films, the Little Mermaid, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Movie.
Favorite Music:Anything and everything; depends on when.
Favorite Books (other than HDM): Um ... Harry Potter *blushes*, Little Women, Stargirl, the Tsubasa:Reservoir Chronicle series.
Job/career aspirations:Comic artist (manga-ka), the fancy term is graphic novellist.
Would you like to be stamped a female ,male ,or it doesn't matter?:Female would be nice, but honestly don't mind.

What are your strengths?Believes in anything, especially in people, trusts, is friendly and generally modest, apparently I'm sweet and strong (not my words), would go anywhere for the ones I love. I am also quietly proud. Definetely not shallow.
What are your weaknesses?Lazy, greedy, self-absorbed. Procrastinor, scared, weak physically, and gullible. Vain.
Describe yourself in five words.Annoying, kind, proud, shy, dreamer, eager.
How do you think others see you?Annoying, selfish, never speaks, greedy, and tries too hard. A weirdo.
Are you a leader or a follower? I think in a world-changing experience, I would try my hardest to lead, but I'm generally a follower who dreams of being a leader.
Are you more outgoing or shy?Shy.
What causes you stress? How do you relax? Stress? Mirrors. I relax with books or music. I drown in them.
How do you deal with conflict?I either skulk away, blush and ignore them furiously, or go mega-mad nutty mode and scream at whoever whilst sobbing. I may also attack them if I'm angrily crazy enough.
When do you feel most comfortable?At the computer, or reading on my bed with my mp3 on. Or drawing.
Who or what is most important to you?My dad, my friends, that someone I haven't met yet.
What are you good at?Art and creative writing.
What do you wish you were better at?Make-up and being girl follows being strong and brave.
What do you hope to achieve in your life?I want to ... sh, a secret! Be a graphic novellist.

The Books
When did you first read His Dark Materials? Two or three summers ago, I read Northern Lights.
What do you like about the books? The most beautiful tragedy. I love how there are no boundaries, but everything flows and changes effortlessly.
Who if your favourite character? Why?Lyra at the end. She is who I dream of being.
Who is your least favourite character? Why? The bad guys. The Church? Whoever made it that the ending was so darn sad *sniffles*
Of all the worlds mentioned in the books, which would you most like to visit? ... Will's, Oxford, The Botanical Garden, the Bench, Noon, Midsummer's Day.

Photos Don't laugh, ok? Photobucket

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