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Joker's Girl

Regular Application

Location America
Hobbies: Writing , reading, singing, drawing, collecting, occult. Playing with my dogs! , shopping
Likes: Writing , reading, singing, drawing, collecting, poets, occult. Playing with my dogs!  makeup, shopping I can become obssessed with whatever interests me and will be until I see it through/no longer interested
Dislikes: snobs,rude peoplepeople who intentionally hurt others
Favorite Movies: Breakfast at Tiffanys.Roman Holiday,Marie Antoinette,Phantom of the Opera.The first 2 cause I love Audrey Hepburn. Marie for it's lush,colorful cautionary tale and music. Phantom cause of the music ans love story
Favorite Music: Classical , Celtic soothing stuff, 80's rock,soundtracks,musicals
Favorite Books (other than HDM): Atonement. -tragic love do to one lie
Darth Bane,-twisted,sad, you understand Bane which is freaky and unsettling
nearly all of Jane Austen's work.-she's so witty
Fairytales in general
Job/career aspirations: therapist
Would you like to be stamped a female ,male ,or it doesn't matter?: Doesn’t matter

What are your strengths?Subtle,curious,open-minded, I love quickly and while I am selfish I do care about others.Mature when I need to be.
What are your weaknesses? willful and self-centred. I'm stubborn, and I refuse to take "no" for an answer a lot. I will do exactly as I please, and if I end up getting hurt, well..I should think about the consquences more ... I am good at figuring out how to get people what I want them to do.
Describe yourself in five words. .Introverted, passionate, empathetic, determined, different.
How do you think others see you? quirky,quiet,reserved,caring,sweet
Are you a leader or a follower? leader who can follow if there is somone better for the job
Are you more outgoing or shy? reserved,guarded
What causes you stress? How do you relax? family,illnesses. I relax with soothing music
How do you deal with conflict?I try to avoid it
When do you feel most comfortable?in bed
Who or what is most important to you? my mother
What are you good at? listening, writing,art, pets and kids bond to me ( I should open a petting zoo,lol)
What do you wish you were better at? less reserved
What do you hope to achieve in your life? .love of all kinds

The Books
When did you first read His Dark Materials? this  summer
What do you like about the books? Demoens, the struggle of science vs. faith
Who if your favourite character? Why? Lee, I love his unyeilding loyalty to Lyra.Loyalty is so rare nowadays
Who is your least favourite character? Why? Coulter for letting other people rule her.For such a strong woman to allow herself to be misguided was sad.
Of all the worlds mentioned in the books, which would you most like to visit?Lyra’s 
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