Lucille Diamond (dharma_dal) wrote in hdm_stamping,
Lucille Diamond

The Heart and Soul of a Daemon

Please vote on 3 applications before yours and post their links here!

  • Name:Robin
  • Character Stamped As:Mary Malone & Serafina Pekkela

  • Least Favorite Animal: spiky lizards- they just creep me out.
  • Favorite Color: i like teal a lot & purple & orange & hot pink...i dont know, i like fun colors.
  • Most Prized Possession: do the kittens count as posessions? other than that, perhaps my engagement ring.
  • Something you feel strongly about: animal welfare

    This or That
  • Fruit or Vegetable?: fruit -it just tastes better
  • Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, or Night?: evening. im not awake for the first half of the day & there's more to do in the evening rather than late at night.
  • Urban City or Rural Countryside?: urban city. though really id prefer the suburbs. i dont like the country because i fear for my life- i will get attacked by wild animals... i dont like the city because i fear for my life- i will attacked by crack-heads.
  • Chase or Be Chased?: now see, this totally depends on the thing being either chased or doing the chasing. I guess id rather do the chasing, though i probably wouldn’t catch it. I’m pretty slow.
  • Innocence or Wisdom?: wisdom, but innocence would be nice

    Mark with an "X" all words/concepts which appeal to you. Bold and Underline the one you had marked off that you feel most drawn to. Strike out all of those which you dislike.
    [ ] Victory
    [x] Peace
    [x] Solace
    [ ] Youth
    [ ] Vigor
    [ ] Work
    [x] Beauty
    [ ] Grace
    [x] Intelligence
    [x] Faith
    [x] Skepticism
    [ ] Sociality
    [ ] Sloth
    [ ] Challenge
    [ ] War
    [x] Idealism
    [x] Realism
    [x] Quiet
    [ ] Noise
    [x] Song
    [ ] Mischief
    [x] Maturity
    [x] Justice
    [x] Mercy
    [x] Hope


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